Last update: Fri. July 8 2005

Draw Power enables you to cast spells that require huge amount of energy, but there is a limitation. Even a mage with HT 16 and Magery 3 may safely draw 100 points of energy or LESS. However, you may draw much more energy without such limitation and power sources by taking the way written below.

Suppose you have a generator Enchanted spells as below. Power (X points, for Propel), Propel (level Y, TL 5+, Linked (trigger: the owner casts a spell)), Draw Power (TL 5+, Linked (trigger: Propel is triggered off (but this Draw Power is cast only once in four hours), subjects: electricity generated by the generator and Propel)), and Clock (to tell Links the time, always on). You have already cast Draw Power (TL 5+, Linked (trigger: ENCHANTED Draw Power is triggered off, subjects: electricity generated by the generator and the spell you are going to cast)) to the generator WITHOUT touching it. When you cast a spell with it, all spells above are cast. The Propel-cast generator uses X points of energy supplied by Power, and generates 360 X Y kW electricity, which multiplied by Y by ENCHANTED Draw Power and the Propel-cast generator. Thus, Linked (but not ENCHANTED) Draw Power conducts X Y2 points of energy from the generator to the spell you cast. In addition, this energy is conducted NOT THROUGH you but directly. That means there is NO UPPER LIMITS in conducting energy. X must be one or more and Y must be 15 or more, so now you draw at least 225 point of energy.

This method has some problems. First, the world's TL is high enough to regard electricity as "conventional" energy. Second, the generator must be large enough to generate 360 X Y2 kW (that means at least 81 MW) electricity. And, Enchanting the generator mentioned above needs ENORMOUS energy. (Power needs 250 2X points and Draw Power needs 1300. Propel needs 2.5 the generator's weight in pounds (at least 250 point), Links need 200 each and Clock needs 250.) Only multimillionaires could manage such a generator. Last, the time required to cast a spell increases by four hours (plus one second) because you have to cast Linked Draw Power.

However, whatever difficulty there might be, this is the only way to Enchant the spell that requires enormous energy (e.g., Major Healing (1500 point)) with the "Quick and Dirty" method.