Last update: Wed. July 11 2012

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Group SNE (Japanese Only): The official Japanese GURPS translators.
Steve Jackson Games (English Only): The official GURPS website.
Gamestore Banesto (Japanese / English): ELIZA's favorite game shop.
The Infinite Adjusting Mirrors (Japanese Only): GURPS fansite.
Gray Room (Japanese Only): Tokyo NOVA fanpage.
Volunteers Corsecc (Japanese Only): GURPS and T&T fanpage.
a book of adventurer (Japanese Only): "Social networking for TRPG" site.
Mashiro's Castle in the Internet (Japanese / English): TransGender sagas site.
Hunter Series Official Site (Japanese Only): Shared-world for web-novels site.
Osakana's FishBowl (Japanese Only): FLASH, mp3 musics and webcomic site.