Last update: Fri. May 13 2005

Shigan is the planet with two suns -Shao and Ding. From Shigan, Shao looks larger than Ding, but actually Ding is much larger. (While Shao is apart about 2/3 AU from Shigan, Ding is apart about 3 AU from Shigan.) The distance between Shigan and Shao is (almost) constant, and the distance between Shigan and Ding brings the seasons. (With only one sun, whichever the sun is, Shigan cannot get enough energy from it to be comfortable for human beings (or other creatures).)
So, the calendar in Shigan is set as below.

1 Ding Year = 10 Shao Years = 60 Months (Yes, Shigan has a moon as our Earth!) = 240 Weeks = 1680 Days = 45360 Hours
(That means 1 Month = 4 Weeks = 28 Days and 1 Day = 27 Hours, and 1 Day is divided into Morning (9 Hours), Afternoon (9 Hours) and Night (9 Hours).)

In GURPS Shigan (4th edition), the campaign's base continent is —ona, all of which is governed by ÷sis empire. But there are three locals except ÷sis -AÁade, Kšles and TŤs. (In game terms, their cultures are "similar" to each other.) In —ona, the general TL is 6, but some are much improved -blacksmith and metallurgy are to TL 8, and (computer) programming and explosives (and its disposal) are to TL 9! (This enables Gadgeteers to make "sapient" automatons.) So, melee weapons and bows are outdated in battlefields, but they are still learned as "Arts" or "Sports".